there feels to be a lot of changes in the air; the obvious and not so obvious. one can always find refuge in the comfort of music. this was one such morning.

this show is dedicated to Sarah's grandmother.

brian eno - mother whale eyeless
teenage fanclub - the world'll be ok
flying burrito brothers - sin city
808 state w/ bjork - Qmart
broadcast - illumination
moondog - symphonique #6 (good for goodie)
brigitte fontaine - cher
chad vangaalen - inside the molecules
dream syndicate - that's what you always say
eamon mcgrath - let your hair grow long
unwound - look a ghost
pharaoh overlord - see me evil
boris - laser beam
fleet foxes - tiger mountain peasant song
bill fay - warwick town
trees - fool
tyrannosaurus rex - beyond the rising sun
14 iced bears - balloon song
400 blows - stangeways
spoons - nova heart
vapid - sex stain
defektors - secret trials
white lung - therapy
the clean - anything could happen
pernice brothers - water ban
human expression - optical sound
the grateful dead - box of rain
low - words


Thomas said...

isn't the new Chad VanGaalen album just amazing? i know i'm obsessed, but i just had to say it.

i hope you guys know how much you are appreciated. you guys are amazing and i hope that you keep it up. forever, preferably. :)

tish said...

you are much too kind Thomas. thank you very much.

i haven't listened to all of the new CVG album, but i liked what i heard too ::::::::::

i'm super curious to hear the new Plush album!