rock bottom

in late june, i travelled to edmonton to celebrate the 40th birthday of a dear friend. I took these photos at the party. it was one of the most special nights of my life, filled with some of my most treasured friends. life on the prairies is always better when it's rock bottom.

so obsessed. with instagram.



art field trip last month to montreal. can't wait for the next visit!


east coast


this instagram thang sure is fun! here are some shots from xmas times in quebec (oh and one from the east coast - the angel is from my brother's christmas tree. so cute!).


went on a roadtrip in december. peep these highlights!


august? for real?

i am a bit slow to post this week, only because this week has been - to borrow a phrase - a "roller coaster of love, baby baby". and i mean love in the broad sense; love for the city, the people, the work, the food, the summer, etc.

ANYHOW. this week's playlist is a winner! golden sound waves of aural pleasure. from me to you!

sleep over - romantic streams
gardens & villa - black hills (easy tiger remix)
tycho - hours
cassius - les enfants
maluca - lola (ging danga)
danny daze - your everything (feat. Louisahhh!)
litttle dragon - ritual union
roots manuva - watch me dance
pink skull - bee nose
geoffrey o'connor - whatever leads me to you
johnny flynn - the wrote and the writ


grandin funk railroad +1

Jaycie Jayce joined me in the booth on Monday and shared with the listenership some serious dance floor currency. Leading up to the show, I sent him the following message:

In preparation for Monday's show please answer the following questionnaire about dance party music. You may be as specific or obtuse as you like. For each descriptor, please indicate a specific song you like to play and (where relevant) the time when you would play that song (for example, 11:00pm or "when the club be jumpin' jumpin' o'clock"). You may also specify qualifiers such as "only at weddings" or "this track always gets a high five."

Ready? Let's party!

The Dance floor Dissected with Jaycie Jayce
(his answers are in italics)

1. Finish up your cocktails, let's take this party to the next level.
- Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground. Fitting title, huh?

2. By request only, and maybe not even then.
- R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix). It's hard not to laugh a lil and groove to this lil diddy. It's even fun to sing along!

3. The Tipping Point.
- Michael Jackson: Billie Jean. The question isn't really whether people will enjoy or even dance to Billie Jean, because everyone who has ever DJ'd knows this to be the case; the question is what can possibly be played afterwards that will keep any of said people interested from this point forward.

4. Nostalgic guilty pleasure.
- Elton John - Crocodile Rock. I used to take the Elton John greatest hits cassette with me on every roadtrip as a kid. We took a lot of roadtrips, and thus I have probably listened to Crocodile Rock more than almost any other song.

5. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).
- Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up. Inspirational AND danceable! Not moving/sweating to this track in some way is sinful, really.

6. There's a good chance some of you will be pregnant when this song is over. AKA The Booty Shaker/Baby Maker.
- Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up. It's hard to imagine anyone not giving it up for Marvin, right?

7. Traditional Closer.
- Still Going - Spaghetti Circus. B/c it's hard to mix out of a track with a rippin' guitar solo AND/OR Purple Rain.


dawson city, yk

some shots from a recent trip to the great white north.
pals shout out out out out were playing the music festival and they kept a diary (awwww) of their adventures which you can peek at here.