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Jaycie Jayce joined me in the booth on Monday and shared with the listenership some serious dance floor currency. Leading up to the show, I sent him the following message:

In preparation for Monday's show please answer the following questionnaire about dance party music. You may be as specific or obtuse as you like. For each descriptor, please indicate a specific song you like to play and (where relevant) the time when you would play that song (for example, 11:00pm or "when the club be jumpin' jumpin' o'clock"). You may also specify qualifiers such as "only at weddings" or "this track always gets a high five."

Ready? Let's party!

The Dance floor Dissected with Jaycie Jayce
(his answers are in italics)

1. Finish up your cocktails, let's take this party to the next level.
- Stevie Wonder - Higher Ground. Fitting title, huh?

2. By request only, and maybe not even then.
- R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix). It's hard not to laugh a lil and groove to this lil diddy. It's even fun to sing along!

3. The Tipping Point.
- Michael Jackson: Billie Jean. The question isn't really whether people will enjoy or even dance to Billie Jean, because everyone who has ever DJ'd knows this to be the case; the question is what can possibly be played afterwards that will keep any of said people interested from this point forward.

4. Nostalgic guilty pleasure.
- Elton John - Crocodile Rock. I used to take the Elton John greatest hits cassette with me on every roadtrip as a kid. We took a lot of roadtrips, and thus I have probably listened to Crocodile Rock more than almost any other song.

5. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).
- Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up. Inspirational AND danceable! Not moving/sweating to this track in some way is sinful, really.

6. There's a good chance some of you will be pregnant when this song is over. AKA The Booty Shaker/Baby Maker.
- Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up. It's hard to imagine anyone not giving it up for Marvin, right?

7. Traditional Closer.
- Still Going - Spaghetti Circus. B/c it's hard to mix out of a track with a rippin' guitar solo AND/OR Purple Rain.

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