black space, negative space, a new sun?! and what about Aldo Nova?

showing respect to canadian artists was the influence of the day. between 100% can-con and that surprise fire alarm, the show felt a bit off the rails. but how cool was that phone call/request from Mr. Perry and his 7th grade art class who were listening. very neat!

going through the cjsr record shelves had me finding all sorts of treats for next week: Curved Air, Richard Hell, Nihilist Spasm Band.

Sarah is still away - "doing research"
i'm most intrigued :::::

should i go to see Opeth?
(i'm thinking i should ... )

martha & the muffins - echo beach
the famines - i like some of the things you do
mecca normal - alibi
the whitsundays - i want it all
loscil - zephyr
mark templeton - from verse to verse
voivod - tribal convictions
my dog popper - carmen miranda
polymath 5 - strike
pink mountaintops - leslie
city streets - US girls know
deja voodoo - coelecanth
7 and 7 is - backstab
islands - i feel evil creeping in
joni mitchell - cactus tree
stew kirkwood - fall takes to flight
the smalls - true narcissist
X-ray spex - the day the world turned dayglo
sunset rubdown - child-heart losers
toysingers - if i was here today
destroyer - the pornographers
vancougar - let it go
pork queen - a bittersweet tale of desperate small town love and loss
wolf parade - soldier's grin
mark - love outside movies
kate & anna mcgarrigle - heart like a wheel
sloan - if it feels good do it
chad vangaalen - rabid bits of time

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sarahp said...

i'm so impressed. you are a queen among peasants.