on the outside

Broadcasting live (!) from the Quad was a fun time, I am still a little disappointed no one took my public outcry for coffee seriously (people! I do not joke about such things!). In reference to the back to school issue of Famous Last Words, this week we ask you to share with us what you are studying this year.

joy division - transmission
gang of four - damaged goods
magik markers - taste
shearwater - century eyes
the meters - handclapping song
the golliwogs - fight fire
wolf parade - bang your drum
destroyer - school, and the girls who go there
leonard cohen - school boy
talking heads - the book i read
the moles - what's the new mary jane
jimmy reed - hush hush
half japanese - roman candles
tv on the radio - staring at the sun
clinic - memories
dungen - c visar v'dsen
the vibrettes - humpty bump pts 1 & 2
grand prix's - you drive me crazy
the knife - heartbeats
liliput - hitch-hike
jens lekman/el perro del mar - i don't know if she is worth 900 kronor
yo la tengo - you can have it all
herbie hancock - watermelon man
gene terry & his kool kats - tip, tap & tell me
gris gris - year zero
women - lawncare
css - left behind
silver apples - oscillations

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