" Van Halen was the tipping point ... "

Sarah & i are still phased out (days later) from such a fabulous night of great music, big smiles and non-stop dancing. a tremendous thank you to everyone involved in making The Double Life such a good time! everyone's generous donations allowed us to hand Heather (of CJSR) a jar of cash reaching $400 this morning! and yes, there was already discussion/anticipation for another night. perhaps in October ...

next week, we are gonna be broadcasting outside on the university campus. berets :::

plants and animals - a new kind of love
john cale - hello, there
vincent gallo - yes, i'm lonely
chrome - ss cygni
karen dalton - katie cruel
vetiver - houses
jim white - fruit of the vine
spiritualized - sweet water
clinic - magic boots
special noise - [the year] fun died
the walkmen - canadian girl
the make-up - i want some
gary numan - conversation
twin crystals - safety
mutators - trick animals
sick buildings - the commuter
violent femmes - gimme the car
johnny macrae - penicillin
the gories - sovereignty flight
francoise hardy - la terre
the mountain goats - magpie
pavement - grounded
band of horses - our swords
css - the knife
stereolab - noise of carpet
accept - i'm a rebel
the melvins - the stupid creep

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