" Damn girl, your bike is hot too ... "

What a show. I couldn't sleep the night before, on account of I was so excited - there was definitely something in the air. So what are the good "rock docs" (music documentaries)? And more importantly, why should you- yes, you! - become the steward of the YES Years poster?

Also, make sure to check out the new dub/ska/reggae night at The Black Dog (Thursdays! at the Underdog!) where Julian and Bram spin some mad mad licks. Word.

(YES Years framed poster giveaway HERE - justify your love for YES in the Comments/Requests. click on the image for better resolution.)

liars - clear island
maceo & the macks - cross the tracks (for sheri barclay)
mouse on mars - mine is in yous
four tet - ribbons
the piltdown men - brontosaurus stomp
spizzenergi - where's captain kirk
? & the mysterians - 96 tears
the fall - slang king
johnny burnette trio - honey hush
simply saucer - exit plexit
css - this month, day 10
talking heads - mind
television - see no evil
kaiser chiefs - born to be a dancer
feist - the water
sam cooke - a change is gonna come
the la's - timeless melody
daniel buxton revue - sex with my ex
tengkorak - jihad soldiers
mahjongg - tell the police the truth
madlib - mysic bounce
funkadelic - you & your folks, me & my folks
yes - beyond and before
band of horses - the funeral
the toysingers - halfway there
jane ehrhardt - late night phone calls


Erik D said...

Describe my love of Yes...?

hmmm, well, my love pale's in comparison to that of my father's cousin (my Second Cousin once removed?) a fan of epic proportions, it's true... but I do have an exclusive track that exists only on a video game called Homeworld that i played close to 8 years ago and still enjoy (the track, not the game).

The track is of the same name by the way... if at all interested. ;)

Sarah and Tish said...

erik of sunday dinner? is that you? do you want to win a framed poster (!!) of YES? So far you are the winner (by default?).
What about rockumentaries? Any comments?

Erik D said...

That's ME!

Listening now! Totally digg'n it too.

"Pass the dutchie on the left hand side" *bobs head accordingly*

don't forget the shout-out to Rob @ Westcan! He's a HUGE fan. (cause i force him to be)

Rockumentaries? Isn't there only one? This is Spinaltap.

Acctually another one i real liked was Steve Cougan in 24 Hour Party People. The story of the Manchester music scene post-punk, pre-rave.