You like it...it likes you!

apologies for missing that we had not actually recounted the 2nd to last set ... Sarah and i were so excited to get onto lair of the minotaur that we were both naturally distracted! it's down below, and i would've shared how le club des chats are from Paris - their website cracked me up this morning.

really looking forward to Global Metal at the Princess Theatre tonite.

the pretty things - roadrunner
sun ra - love in outer space
felt - spanish house
the notwist - gloomy planets
constantines - some party
burdocks - we will all be ghosts
van dyke parks - g-man hoover
the electric eels - agitated
silicon teens - state of shock (part two)
jeremy jay - beautiful rebel
max tundra - lysine
dead ghosts - make me
let's dance - bodies
the troggs - give it to me
the red krayola - yik yak
flamin' groovies - yes it's true
the soft boys - i got the hots
rational youth - in your eyes
devendra banhart - the body breaks
ian & sylvia - you were on my mind
dustin cole - the last cowboy
hank williams - you win again
le club des chats - ring-a-ding 7"
hot chip - (just like we) breakdown
sigur ros - vid spilum endalaust
beirut - a sunday smile
lair of the minotaur - when the ice giants slayed all
the wailers - hang up
lesbo vrouven - m m

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