it was a pleasure to have steven as a guest star on the show this
week - i am still day dreaming of the treasures his collection of vinyl must hold. tish posed this week's question - what are the worthy musicals? i took an informal pole at work and so far the most promising suggestion was from mike, his vote was for "cannibal: the musical." intriguing.

black mountain - no hits
the five satins - in the still of the nite
the buff medways - into your dreams
fun boy three - the telephone always rings
ODB - baby i like it raw
grizzly bear - on a neck, on a spit
sudden infant dance syndrome - prom
women - black rice
captain beefheart and the magic band - low yo yo stuff
pere ubu - heart of darkness
nico - das lied vom einsamen madchen
the nazz - open my eyes
brigitte bardot - le soleil
dimmu borgir - metal heart
deerhoof - milkman
half man half biscuit - seal clubbin'
bud & kathy - hang it out to dry
the feelies - crazy rhythms
the mekons - amnesia
rodney graham - theme from the phonokinetoscope
television personalities - this angry silence
the who - i can't reach you
can - vitamin c
mudhoney - inside out over you


the wrath of sean said...

'An informal pole at work'? Shameful.

amy said...

I know for a personal fact that she never finished her skooling.

but I also know for a fact that all the 'poles' at her work are quite informal.

Sarah & Tish said...

their must bee sum mistake. my grammar is impecable.

tish said...

i'm still messed up from holding Steven's original copy of the Delta 5's 'try' on seven inch.

Thomas said...

lol. i keep thinking of stripper poles, for some reason. but i can't see you having one of those at your work.

my vote is for Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera"

El Indio said...

My gosh, I had to do a double take there! For a few seconds of bliss I thought that "the wrath of sean" is actually, well, a certain bummed up knee Sean. I am sadly mistaken. I guess "The Human Magnet" is still content to patiently shadow his lady friend's blog and pounce on unsuspecting posters much to their surprise to suddenly be in a free for all with a real life "Wrath of Sean"! However this still could potentially mean a certain "is losing his mind" (as of 10 hours ago) Shaun (different spelling but same work site) who is having fun impersonating "Ol' Creaky Feet" Sean...? I'm getting confused... So what does stripper poles have to do with Thursday morning college radio broadcasts? Someone being adventurous and taking part in an early morning stripper pole fitness class prior to air time? Just wondering... Tisha, do you REALLY have to move to Montreal? Aww, shucks!

Anonymous said...

What aren't the worthy musicals?! I vote for Guys and Dolls. mc

Sarah & Tish said...

I guess by using "worthy" I was trying to weed out the musicals that are Sgt.Pepper-esque. You know the one, lil' Petey Frampton and the golly gee Bee Gees. Yikes.

amy said...

foiled, I can't seem to download last week's program. I need to hear this line up!

and for the record, I was not sleeping. but I also can't remember what I was doing, so whatever.

tish said...

lined up on the player:

meet me in st. louis
the band wagon
a star is born
42nd street

i'm stoked:::::

(thanks for the other great suggestions!)

Anonymous said...

your radio show is great! it makes me happy.

Greg E said...

Although I hate to say it, though why I don't really know, what about "West Side Story" and, for something a little more recent, "8 Women"?

Happy Bastille Day