Wings ?

i can still see Sarah doing her air guitar solo to that Love song ... she's off to the Sled Island festival this weekend. i'm staying home, but maybe i'll get an ice cream sandwich!

so far, it's 3-2 in favour of Wings.

panda bear - take pills
rosemary clooney - come on-a my house
roots - mash down
sexteto electronico moderno - soul nuevo
love - a house is not a motel
olivia tremor control - the opera house
pere ubu - street waves
fairport convention - tried so hard
the milkshakes - just like you
hodges brothers - i'm gonna rock some too
deerhunter - dr. glass
of montreal - colour me in
wire - options R
matmos - polychords
roxy music - ladytron
the soul vendors - get out of my eye
beat happening - teenage caveman
dismemberment plan - secret curse
the hold steady - hot soft light
sparks - wonder girl
bert jansch - courting blues
the necessaries - sahara
the weeks - teary-eyed woman
the gruesomes - dementia 13
menomena - the pelican
my morning jacket - master plan
the shins - saint simon


tao said...

did not hear the show this AM
but what a great list of songs.

Thomas said...

hey, thanks for the shout out. :)

i suppose it's hard for anything to be more ultimate than mr. steve reich, but my ultimate handclap song would probably be "where did our love go" by the supremes.


i'm casting two 'no' votes for wings. once for myself, and once for my dog, who ran out of the room when i started playing a youtube video of "band on the run"

tish said...

thanks Tao. sorry i couldn't make it to your jazz concert invite.

sounds like you have a cool dog, Thomas! i'm totally into your voting strategy too ::
(but watch, i'll become a Wings fan next year or something)

Amy Fung said...

man, you guys are killing me.

where do I go to listen to the archives?