superbad and the clap (not "the" clap)

It's taken me until now to gather my thoughts and recover from the weekend... Superfun gender-bending house party at Josh/Heidi's new pad. For me and Tish, the night ended in a Superbad episode wherein undercover cop cars materialized out of thin air and did their duty to keep the peace. Good thing they arrived on the scene just in time to pour out the open beers of three very young, very drunk dudes as they stumbled up the street. Also a good thing that they put that case of beer in the trunk of their cruiser for "evidence".
Too bad we were too enraptured in the scene to notice all the cabs passing us by as we sat next to the flashing lights of the cruisers - maybe it looked like we were getting arrested?

Anyhow. Hand claps, lots of responses to the query about ultimate hand clap song. Does such a thing exist? Do electronic claps count? What about the snap (cousin of the clap)? Clearly this has brought up more questions than answers. More research is necessary.

marion gaines singers - since i've been born again's - i got a man
holly golightly - i hear you
hot panda - cold hands/chapped lips 7"
the castaways - liar liar
zakary thaks - bad girl
no hands - yesterdays nudes
meat puppets - aurora borealis
public image ltd - poptones
von Lmo - outside of time
a place to bury strangers - missing you
the cryptomaniacs - good enough for garbage
yeah yeah yeahs - mystery girl
jarvis cocker - tonite
the focus group - soho st ives tangier
the blossom toes - i will bring you this and that
the cramps - i can hardly stand it
exploding hearts - rumours in town
magik markers - body rot
liquid liquid - optimo
durutti column - sketches for summer
talk talk - life's what you make it
the verlaines - jesus, what a jerk
the left banke - dark is the bark
the walkmen - little house of savages
jamie lidell - green light
to rococo rot - micromanaged
the ostrich - dead horse 7"
duchess says - black flag

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Thomas said...

Sarah & Tish,

i listened to your show Thursday morning at work and I just wanted to let you know that you guys are amazing. great music. pro DJ skills. it was the highlight of my week.

oh and i'm very happy that you have a blog too.

stay awesome,