Sarah has posed this week's question :: best song with hand-claps?
thanks to the anonymous gentleman who surprised us with such a kind phone call on liking the show!

john cale - all of my friends
delta 5 - mind your own business
gram parsons (with emmylou harris) - hearts on fire
romeo void - never say never
the millennium - just about the same
bruce springsteen - cover me
the buzzcocks - ever fallen in love
townes van zandt - she came and she touched me
ac/dc - high voltage
gordon lightfoot - go-go round
thin lizzy - hollywood
wolf parade - this heart's on fire
black mountain - druganaut
circle - kylan suurin miekka
peter hammill - the institute of mental health, burning
camper van beethoven - ambiguity song
13th floor elevators - you're gonna miss me
sons and daughters - the nest
jane birkin - home
faust - so far
the vagrants - i can't make a friend
teenage fanclub & jad fair - behold the miracle
smog - cold blooded old times
silver jews - honk if you're lonely
vapid - victim
the homosexuals - soft south africans (slow)
fastbacks - they don't care


Sheri Barclay said...

FUCK YEAH !!!!!!

Timothy Hill said...

Hiya ... loved the Sons and Daughters/13th Floor Elevators/Camper van Beethoven set. Pure and total nostalgia rush to the head.

Tim in England

Gwen said...

Great question! I'm pretty sure I love any song with handclaps. But the one that comes to mind first is Breathe on It by the Hidden Cameras (warning: I can't remember if that actually has hand claps in it or if I just clap my hands along with it when I hear it).

amy fung said...

you two are blowing my mind!!!!

chi said...

I just had a unicorn!

Cuda said...

Fleetwood Mac "I Don't want to Know"

Greg E said...

Joy Division "Glass" (admittedly, it's electronic rather than actual hand-clapping, but ... )