winter continues to test our patience (and our layering skillz). hibernation is the word of the day, i'm gonna stay in and watch the crazy stranger. (note: the photos were not taken by me but i think they are beautiful and they remind me of sean hicks' cabin.)

lambchop - up with people (live!)
beat material - hands
menomena - wierd
echo + the bunnymen - yo-yo man
them - something you got
the bicycles - one twist too much
the rolling stones - play with fire
joel plaskett - drunk teenagers (for laura)
mirah - gone are the days
the moondoggies - night + day
frank zappa - go cry on someone else's shoulder
harry nilsson - are you sleeping?
a.c. newman - the changling (get guilty)
benji hughes - love on a budget
polvo - street knowledge
the make-up - born on the floor
mathias mental - life in the carpool lane
dave sitek - with a girl like you
m.ward - rave on
michael rault - i want you for mine
talking heads - the girls want to be with the boys (live!)
the rapture - olio
hercules + love affair - this is my love
no hands - yesterday's nudes
the mitts - love inside the glove
scientists - solid gold hell
ghostkeeper - skippin church


karen said...

Nice to see you today and share some falling down tales of winter. I vote to change the name of the show to "Funky White Girls".

Sarah said...

thanks, karen. i'm glad you got to tune in!
see you on the dance floor, sucka.