we explored themes of "the future" this week, thanks to a.levin for sending us on a path of experimental canadian futuristic (read: synth) music discovery. good luck to mme. kinjo's class on their assignment, i can't wait to see the results.

deltron 3030 - positive contact
stereolab - space moth
harmonic 313 - cyclotron
russian futurists - pine prisonyard
cut copy - future
grove armada - hands of time
david bowie - space oddity
the silly kissers - a flying saucer
light dreams - islands in space
elton modello - jet boy jet girl
flight of the concords - robots
von lmo - outside of time
styx - mr. roboto
deltron 3030 - 3030
frank zappa - i'm the slime
harry nilsson - spaceman
vetiver - another reason to go
peter huse - space play
joy division - digital
daft punk - higher tighter faster stronger
sun ra - we travel the spaceway
thomas dolby - she blinded me with science
future love - dreams
jonathan richman - here come the martian martians
ursula 1000 - rocket

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karen said...

I'm not down with musical comedy and I am very controversial.

I must have been making coffee when Mr. Roboto was on. Dang.