i'm in miami bitch

thanks to misty for being me over christmas. we were all over the map today which made me want to start making mix tapes again.

manoj kumar - tun tun
animal collective - derek
echo + the bunnymen - crystal days
t.rex - main man
rolling stones - she's so cold
danava - unonou
the psychedelic furs - highwire days
dr.dog - the rabbit, the bat + the reindeer
fleetwood mac - empire state
ricardo e esquisito - mulher coca cola
plants and animals - mercy
paul mccartney - eat at home
radiohead - all i need
michael rault - pretty thing
chad van gaalen - bones of man
women - group transport hall/shaking hand
the beach house - darling
charlie pride - boards + shutters
the british columbians - in the leaves
she + him - why do you let me stay here?
the monks - bad habits
blitzen trapper - furr
roxy music - if there is something
panther - how can you swim
LMFAO - i'm in miami bitch

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