be my guest

breakfast omelettes in sandwich form, patti smith and nirvana were the highlights. thanks to amy (my guest) and ted (amy's guest) for contributing to the banter this week. always a pleasure.

the dodos - paint the rust
yeah yeah yeahs - fancy
pheonix - if i ever feel better
zero 7 - in the waiting line
edd henry - your replacement is here
the travelling wilburys - handle with care
school of seven bells - connjur
charlotte gainsbourg - the operation
vetiver - sleep a million years
nirvana - heartshaped box
wreckless eric - whole wide world
talking heads - this must be the place
the go - blue eyes woman
the pretenders - back on the chain gang
eagles of death metal - so easy
dog day - end of the world
arliss parker - ??? (track 2)
peter bjorn + john - young folks
patti smith - break it up
bert jansch - courting blues
howlin' wolf - spoonful
burning spear - them a come

1 comment:

amy said...

yuck. breakfast omlettes in sandwich form. tuna salad and cream of brocoli soup. what the hell is happening to me?!!!!

nirvana was a definite highlight . . . er of plaid and ripped jeans. school of seven bells and wreckless eric were pretty rocking too. bert jansch -- who knew?

and thank you, cranky one.
back on the chain gang!