Congrats to Field, the winner of the YES poster (he claims it's for his "brother-in-law", it's always a brother-in-law who loves YES). I'm heading out of town and will miss a couple shows but I trust Tish will be up to her usual curve-ball programming (LOVED billy the monster this week).

This week's query: what are some of your favorite album covers?? (YES fans need not apply).

our sleepless forest - nomads
of montreal - lysergic bliss
chad vangaalen - gubbish
the constantines - nightime/anytime (it's alright)
einsturzende neubauten - sand
johnny cash w/ june carter - jackson
nick lowe - i love the sound of breaking glass
the postmarks - summers never seem to last
the replacements- can't hardly wait
black sabbath - children of the grave
the deviants - billy the monster
blevin blectum - conditioned head
our mercury - shawna don't wanna
the raptors - paint by numbers
the roots - double trouble
junior boys - double shadow
yo la tengo - double dare
dale hawkins - susie-Q
suicide - johnny
spiritualized - you lie you cheat
silver jews- candy jail
mary margaret o'hara - to cry about
los walkers - 19.8
the rumblers - hey did-a-da-da
desmond dekker - licking stick
the maytals - hold on
the skatalites - ringo's theme ska


amy said...

as discussed en route to the hood:

My vote would be for the early Prince album covers, the ones where it looks like he's trying to hide his penis. I'll just group them all into one.

and absolutely: aphex twin, windowlicker (in the category of portraiture--Prince is definetely in the category of narrative)

Gwen said...
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Sarah and Tish said...

I love the Sparks' covers, especially Kimono My House and Propoganda.

Gwen said...

I have to say all those Bruce Springsteen covers where Bruce is very much trying not to hide his ass. His jeans-clad ass. I also always like album covers that involve big baby heads or cake.

tish said...


i'm fond of the cover for 'These Things Too' by Pearls Before Swine. there's something so perfect about that cover and the music inside. a living room record.

and a favorite has always been Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life'.

and then there are the covers for 50/60's jazz albums. so strong - on so many levels.

and what about that early Bikini Kill LP ... the black & white cover, and that dress, those fishnets, and the shoes, and the moment captured ...