long weekend, long playlist!

I did an extended version of Grandin Funk Railroad this week (download playlist below!). I'm experimenting with how I post the playlists as I'm not loving the 8track player so much. It's easy enough to use (good news for a cavewoman like myself) but I think we can do better! Any thoughts on this are welcomed, please feel free to leave a comment.

Shout out to my pals who visited this weekend! It was a treat to have you in Dirt City, come back soon!

I'm off to a magical lake this weekend - something that I have been looking forward to all summer. As someone who grew up with an ocean for a backyard, it's pretty tough to get used to the prairie summers - lovely as they are. This playlist will be a great soundtrack to a weekend of water, sun, wine, and pals!

download this week's playlist here

alex ebert - truth (feat. rza)
cults - go outside (menahan street band remix)
pegasvs - el final de la noche
pack a.d. - sirens
generationals - trust
real estate - it's real
m83 - midnight city
neon indian - fallout
foster the people - houdini
marley muerto - senior gobierno
dj javier estrada - 100 anos (pedro infante remix)
twin shadow - slow
crystal fighters - at home
grand analog - take it slow (spaces + places)
agesandages - no nostalgia
dirty gold - california sunrise
blackbird blackbird - sunspray
the ross sea party - broken arrows
washed out - before
au revoir simone - tell me (clock opera remix)
teen daze - saviour
el guincho - bombay
space ranger - plastic romance (motor city drum ensemble vocal remix)

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