factory party!

the AGA has asked me to do a project for their upcoming Refinery event which is an Andy Warhol style factory party (FUN!!). i'm in charge of making a time capsule for the event. i have a couple of fun things planned and i decided to include a photography component for the time capsule whereby party-goers can borrow a special silver camera and snap some party shots but must return the camera to the time capsule at the end of the night. i'll get the film developed and i will include the developed photos in the time capsule.

this idea was inspired by actual events in which, i went to a party with a disposable camera, left it unattended and it was taken by a bandit who kindly left if for me at the end of the night in the same spot where they nicked it from earlier in the party. it was really intriguing to get the film developed and the results were spectacular! see below for some highlights.

the culprit!

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