music hangover

MYTHS (from their myspace page)

you know that throbbing, dried-out feeling that comes with drinking too much the day before? well, I think I have a music hangover. i mean this in a good way. i was at wyrd fest yesterday and it was indeed a marathon feast for the senses. and today i'm left with fuzzy memories of the ambitious line-up. every time i blink i see a flash of omon ra II and chris d'eon's beautiful hair. or i let my mind wander over a cup of coffee and find myself nodding along to the resonating shreds of nu sensae. i do regret missing Cosmetics set but am so glad i caught MYTHS from vancouver.

hats off to levin for making this happen.

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tish said...

i was curious reading about this festival >>>

i'll keep my eyes & ears open for upcoming nights out here -