watch out! rock out!

(drawing by julie mehretu)

at the last minute, i decided to check out the king khan + the shrines show last night and it was totally worth it! what a fun band! jacqui and i saw them eating a rockstar breakfast at albert's today after our radio show, rad. (ps did you know you can get sweet potato fries at albert's now? heck yes.)

nicole willis + the soul investigators - if this ain't love (don't know what is)
rodriguez - sugarman
the faunts - alarmed nights
grizzlybear - cheerleader
the rolling stones - sympathy for the devil
king khan + the shrines - how can I keep you (outta harm's way)
love - my little red book
bud + kathy - hang it out to dry
ginny arnell - dumb head
the fast - wow pow bash crash
the velvet underground - what goes on
the talking heads - swamp
peter bjorn + john - nothing to worry about
denise + company - boy what'll you do then
? - martian band
zakary thaks - bad girl
kings of leon - happy alone
black mountain - evil ways
elliott brood - write it all down
frank zappa - magic fingers
micachu - calculator
animal collective - summertime
panda bear - ponytail
yeah yeah yeahs - dull life
metric - gold guns girls
k-OS - fun! (remix)

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karen said...

It *does* sound like you are talking to yourself. Ha.

Good show though.