for the records

only a few weeks left of famous last words as we know it, thanks to all for listening throughout the year. stay tuned to the blog for updates about a new show on the horizon. fingers crossed.

chromatics - hands in the dark
the love language - sparxxxxx
the trips - love can't be modernized
little walter - i hate to see you go
camper van beethoven - oh no!
the pop group - she is beyond good and evil
dog day - happiness
i was a king - step aside
them - baby please don't go
stevie wonder - i don't know why i love you
the homosexuals - soft south africans (for aaron!)
john cale - empty bottles
magic markers - empty bottles
the monks - inner city kitty
frank zappa - montana
a.c. newman - like a hitman
the beatles- i've just seen a face
m. ward - rave on
the bicycles - oh no it's love
harry nilsson - so you think you've got troubles
bob dylan - alberta #1
dick dale - peppermint man
mother mother - o my heart
tom waits - step right up
bayonets - track 3
k'naan - bang bang
k-OS - i wish i knew natalie portman

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