pirates all are we

the record gods were shining down on me this week when i came upon an old rational youth album entitled "cold war nightlife." it was the sign i needed to take the next step. more on this in the weeks to come. shout out to greenfield elementary for their performance of "shiver me timberlakes" earlier this week. bravo!

leonard cohen - first we take manhattan
rational youth - close to nature
the bloods - button up
marni stern - transformer
huey 'piano' smith + the clowns - don't you just know it
interpol - public pervert
king khan + the shrines - shivers down my spine
puccini - excerpt from la boheme
phoenix - if i ever feel better
peter bjorn + john - amsterdam
junior boys - bits + pieces
john lennon - crippled inside
neil young - harvest
the beatles - don't pass me by
the osmonds - crazy horses
the get down - gut feeling
shearing pinx - knife fall
fly girlz - born 2 B fly
clipse (feat. re-up gang + roscoe p. goldchain) - ain't cha
frank zappa - w.p.l.j.
twin fangs - vinland map
black francis - i sent away
m.ward - for beginners
michelle shocked - one piece at a time
vetiver - more of this


karen said...

interpol, clipse and a special KC shout out? hard not to love this episode.

ps. i'm pretty sure i graduated with your co-host.

Sarah said...

dude! this was one of the most mental playlists i've seen in a while. the osmonds? puccini?
thanks for listening.

yes, you probably did graduate with jacqui, she went to vic.

Gwen said...

I listened to your show intermittently and managed to catch that someone won the ticket - SO AWESOME. Thanks. More importantly, I caught crazy horses!!! "Crazy horses never stop and they never die/they just keep on puffin'/how they multiply." Wisdom for the ages.