kung fu: the legend continues

i am resolved to find a carrier for my bike that will accomodate records so i will never again have to choose between records and bicycles.

the pretty things - she says good morning
jerry lee lewis - hello josephine
the neanderthals - speed bump
jack scott - the way i walk
the yells - track #2
tommy james - i think we're alone now
the damned - stab your back
the deviants - charlie
the unknowns - tax deductible
the slits - so tough
twin sister - ginger
richard + linda thompson - i want to see the bright lights tonight
outrageous cherry - saturday afternoon
weird war - girls like that
jimmy ray - are you jimmy ray?
gary neuman - airlane
'brotherman' soundtrack - no place to run
mitsou - bye bye mon cowboy
the make-up - pow! to the people
the budos band - up from the south
clipse (feat. kanye) - kinda like a big deal
dog day - wait it out
the concretes - miss you
eels - hard rock times
abe vigoda - endless sleeper
emitt rhodes - mary will you take my hand
the who - can't explain
the bad arts - our mistakes
the wire - one of us
wu-tang clan - c.r.e.a.m.

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