your no. one fan

i can assure you all that images of thor will haunt my dreams (and his dobermans will haunt my nightmares) for quite some time. thank goodness for canadian glam muscle rock. lots of shows to check out this week, consult your local listings for a complete guide to the happenings around town. (photo credit: zachery ayotte)

sea + cake - four corners
radiohead - 15 step
the beat - save it for later
j.spaceman - michael's opening
black mountain - no hits
josh reichman - spirits don't leave
animal collective - my girls
faunts - out on a limb
julie doiron - consolation prize
mr. airplane man - don't know why
ghostkeeper - solid gold
detroit cobras - find me a home
house of love - no fire
violent femmes - i held her in my arms
frank zappa - apostrophe
thor - tell me lies
myles deck + the fuzz - ayatollah
the pretty things - roadrunner
m.i.a. - bamboo banga
bo diddley - roadrunner
six guns over tombstone - all hallow's end
red ram - make it 2 break it
focus three - 10,000 years behind my mind
yeah yeah yeahs - black tongue
the walkmen - the north pole

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