plea for mercy

back in edmonton sans luggage is not the way to start a new year. curses to you, aircanada. i trust that better things are on the horizon as we enter the year of the ox. if you get the chance, pick up the new oxford american! there are some great articles in this issue. i'm gonna go finish reading about jerry lee lewis.

the pharcyde - passing me by
betty white - clean up woman
betty davis - anti love song
betty harris - there's a break in the road
liars - houseclouds
simian mobile disco - hustler
nico - these days
joy division - warsaw
the new breed - i got nothing to say to you
nick lowe - heart of the city
dog day - end of the world
sons and daughters - chains
the talking heads - life during wartime
michael rault - pretty thing
the gruesomes - i'm glad for you
the stolen minks - bring it
richard + linda thompson - i want to see the bright lights tonight
DFA 1979 - romantic rights
MGMT - kids
women - black rice
the lion - some girl something
ian tyson - lioness
sloan - underwhelmed
black sabbath - paranoid
the black keys - strange times
blitzen trapper - furr
midlake - young bride


tish said...

i found a good internet cafe this past week, and i'm gonna try listening to the show!

is it really? i seem to remember learning that i am an ox many years ago ... so what does this mean then?

Thomas said...

i hate to say it, but aircanada is just awful. there really is no excuse for how terrible they are in relation to pretty much every other airline.

Sarah said...

sigh.. air canada licks. i know. and you'd think i would have learned my lesson by now. 9 days (and counting!) without luggage.

tish! i hope you do get to "tune in" this week. pressure's on for a worthy set list! have you picked up the new OA?


tish said...

no ... it's awesome as expected?
maybe i could find one today ...