i am learning how to bake bread and we have a new world leader. it's been a busy week. amy shared the airwaves with me today and tish's spirit was in the booth (the clean! television personalities!).

spacemen 3 - come down easy
animal collective - summertime
a place to bury strangers - breathe
M83 - kim + jessie
the clean - thumbs off
television personalities - the boy in the paisley shirt
krysztof penderecki - je t'aime, je t'aime
x - los angeles
the vaselines - dying for it
the rapture - open up your heart
depeche mode - dreaming of me
christopher otcasek - real wild child
pink mountaintops - sweet '69
yeah yeah yeahs - gold lion
the stranglers - golden brown (live)
goldfrapp - ooh la la
belle + sebastian - you're just a baby
orange juice - falling + laughing
feist - mushaboom (demo)
the detroit cobras - shout bama lama (for the prez)
ray lamontagne - meg white
the gun club - brother + sister
field + stream - criscotheque
neung phak - cheer