lasers with tiny fists

maybe it's the november-ness, but i am swooning over brit folk and revisiting old favorites (i.e. the magnetic fields). as a side note - i also revisited the spicy, saucy eggplant. yum! don't forget to check out EXPOSURE this week.

american analog set - hard to find
paul mccartney - another day
radiohead - morning bell
broadcast - city in progress
grandaddy - am 180
rachel sweet - stranger in the house
the fall - vixen
pulp - sorted for e's and wizz
fleet foxes - drops in the river
common - the corner
the rolling stones - under my thumb
bert jansch - come sing me a happy song to prove we all can get along the lumpy, bumpy, long and dusty road
arthur + yu - 1000 words
the magnetic fields - i don't want to get over you
the white wires - girly girly girly
siouxsie + the banshees - hong kong garden
secret fires - baby, i'm a rat
richard berry + the pharoahs - louie, louie
mother mother - oh my heart
michael rault + the mixed signals - the things you said
the gruesomes - cave in!
lee + jimmy - yagga yagga
pale saints - the way the world is
felt - grey streets
atlas sound - ativan
nick drake - pink moon
yeasayer - sunrise
rae spoon - come on forest fire burn the disco down
royal wood - weigh me down (for mary)
yeah yeah yeahs - black tongue
the walkmen - the north pole


tish said...

the pale saints!

Sarah said...

the pale saints indeed! i've been missing the tish element so much (so much!) and this week i felt like the playlist came together as in the olden times.

tish said...

i just finished working my first day in the warehouse ... and so many titles passed over my hands that i would love to play for you on the show! like how about an album of Jeanne Moreau singing!!?!

too much stuff ... so much i want ... have to be good ...

miss you