the number 3

i've started a new job and am back commuting on the ETS, shout out to the fellas on the number 3 bus! commuter life is great when you let someone else do the driving cuz you can catch up on back issues of national geographic.

captain beefheart and his magic band - yellow brick road
earl williams - you ain't puttin' out nuthin but the lights
jon rae and the river - all that i had
sparks - metaphors
caribou - sandy
beirut - nantes
justice - let there be light
gentleman jesse and his men - don't want to know
michael rault and the mixed signals - sure are fun
the famines - twa flight 553
skibadee - tika toc
the mighty wah! - remember
born ruffians - barnicle goose
pheonix - too young
MGMT - electric feel
konk - baby dee
the firey furnaces - sweet spots
the microphones - i lost my wind
destroyer - state of the union
the make-up - i am if...
cheap time - people talk
bob dylan - like a rolling stone
the pretty things - old man going
circulatory system - yesterday's world
the jam - david watts
the last word - don't call me, i'll call you
marnie stern - put all of your eggs in one basket then watch that basket!!!
broadcast - come on let's go
the velvet underground - what goes on
apostle of hustle - haul away


tish said...

the pretty things - blazed out of my alarm clock/radio - sounded so fabulous!

the #3 which way?

sp said...


the number 3 to the northwest - blue collar all the way!!