high tens all around

it's fake summer in edmontown and I could not be happier to troll around downtown with my headphones on listening to lightning bolt. so here's to another week of famous last words in its original incarnation.

joe tex - you said a bad word
belle and sebastian - the blues are still blue
love - que vida!
etta james - what'd i say
the barbarians - are you a boy or a girl
le tigre - tres bien
von sudenfed - family feud
john cale - heartbreak hotel
duchess says - Ccut up
the concretes - say something new
elton motello - i am the marshal
islands - abominable snow
wedding present - what have i said now?
clap your hands say yeah - gimme some salt
lighting bolt - assassins
jay reatard - greed, money, useless children
spoon - merchants of soul
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
the futureheads - alms
jimi hendrix experience - little wine
life without buildings - daylihting
the gun club - fire of love
elvis presley - one night
fire engines - dischord
the slits - instant hit
the modern minds - go
polvo - crumbling down
the curtains - world's most dangerous woman
COB - spirit of love
zora neale hurston - crow dance
the first aid kit - splitting images

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